Unique handmade mementos to remind you of times you never want to forget

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What Are Rememorables?

Unique home decorations made specially for you. Holiday maps, wedding paper, music festival programmes; we recycle the bits and pieces you might otherwise throw out to create mementos to celebrate your good times.

Rememorable Of Las Vegas

Fabulous Holidays

Remember navigating Las Vegas, driving The Strip in first gear because you didn’t know how an automatic car worked? Turn your map of Vegas into something to keep forever!

Rememorable Of Barcelona

Special Events

Remember that Barcelona restaurant you went to on an early date and wanted to show off by ordering the ‘traditional tapas’, and your dinner was a small plate of chorizo and cheese slices? Get your Barcelona memories crafted into a Rememorable.

Rememorable Of Moreton In The Marsh

Special Place

Remember meticulously planning out the location of each and every one of your wedding photos and then grabbing a few snaps by a hedge when there was a shortish break in the rain? Don’t forget, Rememorable!

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Why Get A Rememorable?

Rememorables recycle bits and pieces you might otherwise throw out to create unique home decorations. They make fab wall or door hangings, and super gorgeous Christmas tree decorations that will make you want to put down the tinsel, grab a glass of fizzy wine and reminisce…

Rememorable Of Santa Monica
Rememorable Of Edinburgh
Rememorable Of Venezia

Prices Start At £19

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Who Makes Rememorables?

Thanks for visiting Moseley Moon! I am Monica Bowron and I’ve been a keen crafter and dressmaker for many a year, still using the sewing machine my granny bought me second-hand for my 16th birthday, and I have been making gifts for friends and family for a long time. When I started to get commissions and requests for my Rememorables, I realised I might be onto something, and Moseley Moon was born.

Photo of Monica Bowron Owner Of Moseley Moon

A good friend of mine told me years ago about ‘an anecdote approach to life’; if you can get a story out of something, it’s probably something worth doing (I tell you it revolutionalised my attitude to internet dating!) I am an avid collector and teller of stories, and I’m just a little bit crazy about travel and doing ‘stuff’. Moseley Moon celebrates people, places and stories. 
Don’t forget, Rememorable!

Photo of Rememorables on a key ring with cactus

How It Works?

Get in touch using our contact form. Rememorables are made especially for you. A few things to consider are:

1. Rememorables can be made from a wide range of paperbased stuff; maps, leaflets, guides, brochures, flyers, programmes etc. But not everything will make a great Rememorable. Get in touch and tell us what you have and we can advise you.

2. Rememorables re-use your actual maps, leaflets and guides. If you have circled your hotel, we can include that on your Rememorable! We can pick out your favourite sites and places of special memories. Because of this we will ask you to post your map/leaflet/whatever to us – we will give you more details about this by email.

3. The Rememorable will look very much like your map, leaflet or programme. So, if the map is mostly green, your Rememorable will be mostly green.

4. Some maps and leaflets work better than others. We can advise you about this when we get your map from you.

5. Given that the Rememorable will be made from what you send us, you won’t get your map/leaflet/whatever it is back. So, please don’t send us anything unique or valuable.

Rememorables In The Home
Rememorables In The Home Closeup
Rememorables In The Home Living Room

“Thank you so much for the lovely heart! Especially as it featured maps from an area I really enjoyed. The presentation was superb.”

Edna, Ravenna Rememorable

‘Monica took the wrapping paper from my baby shower and created two beautiful and perfect reminders of a lovely day. My Rememorables perfectly capture the joy of the occasion, and will serve to remind me – and as explanations for my son – of what was a fabulous afternoon for years to come. Thanks so much, Monica!”

Jo, Baby Shower Rememorable

“I love the Moseley Moon idea of making something completely unique from those bits and pieces left in your pockets when you get back from a special place. I was so touched to receive a Rememorable after an amazing long weekend in Palma, Mallorca. The dog-eared map I carried around the sights and through the lanes of the old town has been transformed into a beautiful souvenir that takes me back to sunshine, cava and tapas every day! It’s so well crafted and packaged too – I absolutely love it – thank you!”

Kathleen, Palma de Mallorca

Photo of Rememorables & Packaging
Photo of Rememorables & Packaging
Photo of Rememorables & Packaging
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Contact Moseley Moon

Drop us a message with a few details of your Rememorable and I’ll get back to you ASAP.
I only use your details for the purposes of the order.

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